Lakhani Textile has come a long way to achieve the landmark and market image that it possesses now. It all began when our forefathers decided to put their feet in this business with the vision to make a new name in the industry. We have been working for the past two generations and now we are a complete force who understands textile in its deep form. We have been the leading exporters of home textile and garments from Pakistan. To maintain our excellent work, we keep a check on the changing demand of the global market and try to meet the demands of our customers in the best possible way. Our area of expertise are weaving and stitching and the products from the Lakhani Textile are witnessed to be one of the best. Even the machinery used in production is bought from Germany, Japan and United Kingdom to ensure smooth and reliable running. Our motto is to provide quality products and timely shipments.


The vision of the company is to provide the customers with the products of finest quality and prices. This differentiates our products from our competitors and we always strive to maintain this status keeping in mind customer satisfaction and producing in a cost effective and environment friendly manner.


Quality is given high priority at Lakhani Textile since we are highly conscious of supreme quality. To provide optimum result, we have rigorous quality control systems. We believe that quality means best raw material, best production techniques and the most skilled labour used. From receiving the orders till the time of delivering the final products to the customers, quality is assured through quality inspection at each and every stage of production. Proper quality inspection teams are formed who thoroughly check and rate the products to eliminate the probability of defects and poor quality and to meet the international standards.

Lakhani Textile is an ISO certified company and attains ISO 9002 certification and WRAP certification.

Safety, Health And Environment

Safety, health and environment friendly working conditions are very essential in this changing trend of global trade. We provide our workers with safe and healthy working conditions to perform the social responsibilities of the company.